Wessex Saddlebacks


The Wessex Saddleback is a heritage grazing pig extinct in its native Britain.

They have a distinctive white band over their shoulders and down both front legs.

They are a docile rangy pig with large floppy ears.

They do not dig as much as other pigs and are adapted for forest and pastures.

We keep our pigs under our organically managed orchards to eat discarded windfalls and add organic manure and adhere to the "Humane Choice" true free-range standards

We supplement in times of drought with ration but we do not swill feed.

The management of these grazing pigs is obligatory free range and there is a concurrent reduction in food conversion rates as these pigs are very active.  

There is, however, a spectacular payoff of in flavour.

Wessex saddlebacks are renown for their bacon, ham and prociutto.

You can join us in either helping to save this breed by continuing thier lines or enjoy eating them (it is after all what they were orginally used for and my goodness they are tasty!)

Our pigs are registered with the Australian Pigs breeders Association

Purebreed Wessex sadleback registered 12 week piglets are available for $200 year round. Boars can be castrated with Improvac at request if you are purchasing for pork production.

Baconers are available in spring and summer and salami pigs in winter.

We supply pork at $4 carcass weight a kilo to individuals using Yangan abattoir transported to your nominated butcher in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Stanthorpe or Warwick because we believe everyone should have a right to know where their meat comes from and have access to it.

If you want to purchase a registered piglet, baconer or salami pig

Contact us through our contacts page.