Hoya Pastoral

Hoya Pastoral Partnership started off with a breeding pair of purebred Heritage Southdowns from "Best of British" Southdown/Babydoll stud in 2020 and went on to purchase a foundation line of "Cambridge" and "Three Oaks" Southdown/Babydoll stud ewes in 2022. We are dual registered with both the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association (ASSBA) and Babydoll Sheep Breeders Australia (BSBA).

Hoya Pastoral Partnership is a family business dedicated to the production of sustainable, ethical, integrated farming practices, delivering quality produce and livestock as well as pastoral services. Our breeding programme builds on heritage Southdown attributes to produce fertile, docile animals suitable for smallholders and home butchers. We handle our stock during weaning and select for biddability and marbling.

Our stud has old heritage Southdowns lines producing compact, sound and hardy sheep. On the larger side for some  Babydolls but still under 60cm and we take care to conform to breed standards.  

We produce purebred stock for sale to other pastoral enterprises and sell grass-fed lamb carcasses through Yangan meatworks to individuals and butchers in Southeast Queensland, because we believe everyone should have a right to know where their meat comes from and have access to it.

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Hoya Heritage Southdown Stud