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Purebred Santa Gertrudis Yearling Steers- Lot of 30

Perfect for restocking

Location near Warwick

Big framed, forward condition, grown out on pasture only.

Fully vaccinated with 7 in1 and 3 day

Hoya Santa Gertrudis have Rosevale, Ibrox Park, Warrillee and Kelly Wallah bloodlines

We have been selecting for temperament and modest marbling for 20 years

$1200 each, can deliver to Warwick saleyards/showgrounds if desired.

Dont forget - If you are chasing beef, we supply carcasses to individuals using local abattoirs and butchers in Brisbane and Boonah if required


As they come up for sale our cattle be listed here.

All our cattle are handled at weaning

They are all vaccinated for 5 in one, vibrio, 3 day, pestigaurd and tick fever

We will arrange and pay for the transfer of registration for the Santa Gertrudis Society, all you need to do is send us your Santa Gertudis Society  member number and name.