Hoya Pastoral


As they come up for sale our horses will be listed here, They may also be listed on social media sites or on the ASHS site. All our horses are handled and can be led, shod, wormed and have their teeth filed without complaint.

They have no biting or kicking vices and are respectful on the ground.

They are all vaccinated for Strangles, Tetanus, Herpes and Hendra and microchipped.

All breeding stock (stallions and mares) are tested 6 panel clear before offering for sale. If you are buying a colt from our foal page you have the choice of us gelding him for you or arranging for the sire registration (including 6 panel testing).

Our agreement with you.

We are passionate about Heritage Australian Stock Horses, if you are not a member of the ASHS we will join you up and pay for your membership, If you are a member we will pay for your renewal.

We will arrange and pay for the transfer of registration for the ASHS and for your horses' microchip, vaccination and management information to be transferred to your name.

We trust in our product and are happy to refund the purchase price on return of the horse if unsatisfied.

Our horses' relationships with their owners are our advertisement so we will work with you to achieve a shared partnership with your chosen life companion on an ongoing basis.

Welcome to the Salepen!

Those of your that follow our website will known that we feel strongly about the benefits of horsemanship

We have commited our 8 remaining 2-3 years olds to an invitational  "old hands" colt start with Anthony Devereaux from Reatta Ranch in June 2022  Most of the horses will be available for sale afterwards.

Unstarted Yearling

Hoya Fireworks - HSH

$2800 - SOLD pending Payment

Memphis Park Sovereign – HSH X Kirramurray Driftin Embers – HSH.

Foaled 19/09/2020

Buckskin gelding wiith star, snip and two hind socks

Gene tested AA Ee Cr W20n

Double registered with the ASH and Dilutes society

Tiny but cute! This pocket rocket will be 14.2 hh if he is lucky!

Waler bloodlines; Bignells Radiant, Bobbie Bruce (Moorfield), Cecil, Chan, Dimray, Gibbergunyah, Haydons Starlight, Midnight, Pantler, Panzer, Panthom, Radiant, Radium, Rivoli, Saladin, Serene, Tester, The Cuan and Young Valais.

Foundation ASH bloodlines Abbey, Arcadia Jingles, Bantam King, Beauleigh Redwings, Claredale Champagne Charlie, Elliots Creek Cadet, Eulabah Gleam, Fladbury Stud Crisena, Glenna, Glenrock Glenrego, Hyperion, Kimridge Amanda, Kruette, Pantheon, Peter, Pharos, Macmillans Donna, Muster, Nabinabah Comma, Nabinabah the Gun, Radiette, Reality, Sage King, Scrumlo Dorita, Scrumlo Rita, Scrumlo Uranium, Scrumlo Victoria, Star Black Mistril, Star Kingdom, Snip and Tylagun James